E-barrier Spray On

Rising utility bills and an increasing interest in environmentally preferable options have created a need for energy-efficient homes and buildings. E-Barrier Reflective Coating was developed to address this demand. E-Barrier is an innovative product that reflects radiant heat to keep structures cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This one-part coating can be applied to attic decking and previously coated commercial decking. And with the sales opportunities it provides, it's a perfect addition to your list of services.

What Is Radiant Energy?
Simply put, radiant energy is energy that comes in waves from the sun. When those 'waves' strike the roof of a home or a building, the roof absorbs that heat, creating increased temperatures in the attic, which is eventually transferred throughout the building. On warm days, this radiant heat results in increased air conditioning costs. On cool days, radiant energy comes from an inside source, like a furnace, and escapes through the attic. So heat and energy costs are actually going out the roof. This transfer of energy is measured as emissivity. The lower the emissivity or e-rating, the better the product is at preventing radiant heat energy from entering or leaving the building. E-Barrier has a low emissivity rating.

How Does E-Barrier Save You Money?
Whether there's radiant heat coming into a house or going out, your customers are paying more than they should. When E-Barrier is applied to the underside of attic roof decking or to previously coated commercial decking, it creates a barrier that reflects radiant energy, helping to prevent it from entering or leaving the building. E-Barrier reduces heating and cooling costs by as much as 15% as certified by an independent testing laboratory*. Upon application you will see: Lower utility costs and increased thermal comfort.